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Investor Profiles

Maybe you’re thinking, “Wow, all this sounds great, but what does it look like in action?” We’re so glad you asked. Our firm values transparency, so that’s why we’ve put together a few investor profiles to show you real-life examples of what inspired financial planning looks like.

Young Professionals Seeking Investment Strategies

We recently helped a young couple in their mid-thirties who had one child. Their income was just over$150,000 per year, and although they were great savers, they were at a loss when it came to how they should invest. They wanted to prepare for their young child’s future. They wanted to explore the best way to save for a college education, as well as the impact of a private education for high school. They were concerned about having the proper insurance in the event of their death or disability, and they wanted to know when they would be financially independent.

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Retired Couple with Healthcare and Income Concerns

These ladies came to us in their early sixties, married with no children and recently retired. They each had unique concerns. One worried she had started social security too soon. The other was concerned about not choosing a survivor benefit on her pension. They wanted to know if they could live comfortably into their 90’s, as they both had longevity in their respective families. They were concerned about having sufficient retirement income, were unsure of what their healthcare costs would be, and had limited knowledge and understanding of the complicated Medicare system.

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Widow with Limited Financial Management Experience

At age 65, this client was a recent widow with three grown children, and five grandchildren. She and her late husband had owned a business, and he made all of the major financial decisions during their marriage. She was very concerned and anxious that she had no personal finance experience in investing outside of bank accounts. She was afraid to invest in the stock market and wanted to have more control over her financial situation. She needed understanding.

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Baby Boomers Planning for Retirement Income

This couple in their mid-sixties had three children, several grandchildren, and were recently retired. They came to Fish and Associates with questions about their pension. Should they take a lump sum or a lifetime income? They also weren’t certain they had enough assets to retire comfortably; they had questions about when to take social security, and wanted to get their estate plan in order.

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Career Change and Managing an Inheritance

A hard-working single healthcare worker came to Fish and Associates when she lost both parents within a short time of each other. She was already in a time of transition as she had just left her career of 25 years at a Fortune 500 company to go into healthcare. She needed help settling her parents’ estates, taking care of her own estate planning needs, and figuring out the best way to invest her inheritance for her own future. She also had a pension from her previous career and wondered whether to take a lump sum or lifetime income.

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Business Owner Looking for a Savings Plan

As an entrepreneur, this business owner and divorcee’s primary concern was taking care of her child. She came to us with concerns about how to best invest her cash for growth, saving for retirement, planning for her child’s college education, and also making sure the child would be taken care of if she should die prematurely.

With an income of over $400,000 a year, she was a great saver but didn’t have the time to take care of planning or investing on her own. She needed a true financial partner to help guide her in the right direction.

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Do you have similar financial questions and concerns? Contact us today to begin exploring an inspired financial plan that fits your life goals.