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Young Professionals Financial Planning Package

Today, young professionals are seeking Financial Planning earlier in their careers but often times are turned away because financial advisors are focused on asset management. At Fish + Associates, we believe that having a solid financial foundation sets you up for long-term success and we want to be your partner from the beginning. Offering you a cost effective way to plan and manage your finances is something we are very passionate about. For $150/month, we will meet with you and help you with the following:

Set Specific Financial Goals, Both Short-term and Long-term

Create a Working Monthly Budget

  • Determine the proper amount of money to maintain in an emergency fund
  • Introduce you to Your Budgeting Tool and Personal Financial Website

Debt-Reduction Best Practices

Merging Finances with a Significant Other

Improving Your Credit Score

Investment Basics (Because it is Never too Early to Start Planning!)

  • Risk tolerance
  • Savings and investing plan
  • 401(k)/403(b) contributions
  • Selecting the investments for your retirement accounts

Employee Benefit Review

Estate Planning

  • Will, power of attorney, and trust documents

Insurance Consultation

  • Disability
  • Life Insurance

Monthly Coaching Call

To get started, please call us to set up your complimentary consultation at 901-767-0668 or email

Your Journey to Financial Freedom Starts Today!