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Business Owner Looking for a Savings Plan

As an entrepreneur, this business owner and divorcee’s primary concern was taking care of her child. She came to us with concerns about how to best invest her cash for growth, saving for retirement, planning for her child’s college education, and also making sure the child would be taken care of if she should die prematurely.

With an income of over $400,000 a year, she was a great saver but didn’t have the time to take care of planning or investing on her own. She needed a true financial partner to help guide her in the right direction.

Together we developed an asset allocation and investment strategy, a risk analysis in the event of her premature death, a business continuation plan, retirement income analysis, and a college planning strategy. We recommended investment strategies in a globally diversified core portfolio with some active and tactical overlay, and life insurance that would provide a death benefit to take care of her child as well as supplemental retirement income at age 65. We helped her set up a 529 savings plan for college, and referred her to an estate planning attorney to draft necessary documents. We also helped her set up a company retirement plan!

She now has an investment strategy with the potential for growth rather than the less than 1% she was earning in a savings account. She has confidence that her child is taken care of and now offers her employees the opportunity to save for their own retirement.

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