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Baby Boomers Planning for Retirement Income

This couple in their mid-sixties had three children, several grandchildren, and were recently retired. They came to Fish and Associates with questions about their pension. Should they take a lump sum or a lifetime income? They also weren’t certain they had enough assets to retire comfortably; they had questions about when to take social security, and wanted to get their estate plan in order.

What this couple was really looking for was peace of mind. With a pension analysis, social security analysis, and asset allocation analysis, they were able to make important decisions about how to maximize their income in retirement. We helped them roll their pension into an annuity that would grow for 10 years and provide higher lifetime income than the original plan, as well as a death benefit to either the surviving spouse or to their children, which was not an option in their original pension. We created an asset allocation that included high-dividend investments along with a globally diversified portfolio to maximize income, and recommended they take social security based upon the most advantageous family strategy.

Most importantly, they came away with a better understanding of how investment and risk management work together, and a better understanding of how healthcare costs in retirement impacted their spending plan.

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