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Transition Planning

Transitions and change make life exciting, but they can also impact your trajectory. Any time you experience a transition, we can help you adjust your plan in ways that stay focused on your goals. Life transitions are situations like these:

Family transitions. Events like getting married or divorced impact your family. It’s important during these times to check how well your financial plans meet your family’s needs. Seeing the whole new picture allows your partners at Fish and Associates to help you make necessary adjustments. Expecting a new family member? This is also an excellent time to re-examine goals! Things we’ll help you with include setting up college funds and adjusting retirement plans.

Job Transitions. When you change jobs, it may affect your income and overall budget. Did you get a raise? Do you have a 401(k) to rollover? Perhaps you have recently had a child and you’ve decided to stay home for a few years. Don’t worry, we can plan for that. These are all transitions that allow us to help you make adjustments to keep you on course and working towards your retirement goals.

Death Transitions. When you lose a spouse or a loved one, it can be a difficult and confusing time. There are critical financial and personal arrangements that should be made to make decisions on, such as transferring the ownership of assets and allocate benefits like insurance or social security. With Fish and Associates as your partner, we can help your through the process, so you can focus on your family.

Inheritance. If you have received or expect to receive an inheritance, an effective strategy can help your inheritance last a long time and provide substantial security. Our advisors can help you put together a strategy and answer any questions you may have about tax implications and distribution timing.

Your transition won’t look like anyone else’s; they’re all unique. We’ll help you adjust your income, make decisions about work, housing, and other important aspects of your life so you can move forward more confident and present in the everyday.