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Financial Planning for the LGBT Community

A recent Gallup poll reported that in 2016, about 10 million Americans identified as LGBT. Despite the numbers of those who identify as LGBT steadily increasing, members of this community are still struggling to find services and providers who specifically meet their needs. The financial services industry in particular has fallen short on how it engages and serves the needs of LGBT investors and their families. Fish and Associates is committed to changing that. We have proudly served the LGBT community for more than 25 years. With our team by your side, let’s plan for a future you can feel confident about for you, your partner, and your family.

Looking for an LGBT-Friendly Financial Advisor?

We’re happy to say that due to legislative changes, most LGBT couples need no longer plan their financial futures as two single people living together. Any financial limitations imposed by the federal government have been removed, and our team of expert financial advisors would love to help you capitalize on all the benefits available.

We’ll start by asking you these questions:

What do you want to accomplish with your life?

Do you know whether your loved ones would be cared for if you were unable to work any longer, or in the event of your death?

Do you plan to retire and, if so, what kind of retirement lifestyle do you want to have?

What kind of assets do you hold right now, and are you achieving any growth?

Are your investments aligned with values that are important to you?

Rest assured that we will always act in your best interest. We are proud to be a premier provider of financial planning services for members of the LGBT community.

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