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Women Investors

Too often, women are sidelined in the important conversation about the state of their finances. Whatever your current situation – single, married, divorced, or widowed – it is crucial to educate yourself on your present financial realities and plan for your future, rather than to rely on anyone else. We care about financial planning for women because we know how important it is to be prepared. Whether you’re just starting your career, going back to school, nearing retirement, or a dedicated stay-at-home mom, you have the capability to take charge of your financial future.

Research shows that women live longer. As women, we need to get comfortable with the fact that we will likely be on our own for part of our lives. As an all-female firm, we believe that depending on men to manage every aspect of our financial lives is not a solid plan. Yet, so many of us may still believe that our man is our plan, and as a result, we lack the confidence and knowledge necessary to plan for our own future.

Become Financially Self-Reliant

Most women do not accumulate money for the simple sake of having money. Rather, we want to achieve security and manage our assets in a way that will help us meet specific life goals. Reaching these goals requires focusing on the present and being fully aware of the obstacles and opportunities available to you.

What do you need to know to become a self-reliant, financially healthy woman? Our experienced financial advisors are here to help you begin answering this question and meet specific life goals. You can become financially self-reliant and responsible for your own security and happiness while your family is taken care of. We invite you to explore the services we offer and give us a call to learn more or schedule a free consultation.

A Man is Not a Plan

Check out our very own Kathy Fish’s presentation “A Man is Not a Plan,” where she draws from her own personal life experiences and growth to illustrate how you, too, can transform into a financially independent, empowered woman.