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Inspired Financial Planning

Planning for your future with regard for your finances is only one part of your life. What about everything else? What makes you excited to get up in the morning, makes your heart beat a little faster? Maybe your feet hit the floor at 4 a.m. to get your early morning run in before your day starts. Perhaps you crave the quiet focus you achieve during yoga or the incredible satisfaction that comes from volunteering for a cause you deeply care about. These things are passions, and they’re what inspire us to keep striving toward a better version of ourselves every day. We want you to keep chasing after those passions as long as life allows. Your finances are only one small part of your life, yet they have the power to help you take your passion to the next level. You are full of potential, but you should ask yourself: will my finances help or hinder my dreams?

Take Hold of Your Future with Financial Planning

If we only address your finances, we fail to serve you completely. That is what makes our financial planning process stand out from the rest. Our first step to inspired financial planning is to get to know you and really understand all of what makes you who you are. Tell us about your dreams, your passions. What drives you? Where do you envision yourself in the future? What would you like to accomplish? We want you to understand and feel comfortable with every aspect of your plan. Don’t hold back, because we are ready to empower you to imagine your best life.

Financial Planning Services We Offer:

  • Retirement planning and coaching – this is more than just your 401(k)!
  • Estate Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Distribution Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Charitable Planning

Young Professionals Planning

We have more than two decades of experience. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you plan for your future, and to live the life you want to live today. A real financial plan involves much more than building a retirement fund! We all (especially women) are living longer and need a sound plan for the long term. Let Fish and Associates be your partner.