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Plan a Last-Minute Labor Day Trip

Plan a Last-Minute Labor Day Trip

| August 18, 2023

Plan a Last-Minute Labor Day Trip

We’ll have almost a month of official summer left to enjoy after Labor Day on September 4th. But most folks fill those days getting kids ready for school and prepping for the big Q4 push at work. So why not unofficially end the summer on a high note? You don’t have much time left to plan, but here are three reasons why putting together a last-minute Labor Day trip could give your Return on Life a quick boost before fall.

 1. Enjoy the warm weather while you can.

 If you’ve spent most of your summer at public pools or chasing your kids through sprinklers with water guns, it might be time to splash around in a bigger pond.

 Summer lasts just a little bit longer at coastal destinations like San Diego, Myrtle Beach, SC, or Clearwater Beach, FL. Organize a weekend around the beach and there will be something for everyone to do on the shore and in the water. For a more serene trip, you could consider a lakeside retreat like Lake Tahoe or Lake Sunapee, NH where you can combine the great outdoors with great indoor hospitality. Or if you have a carload of teenagers who want to end their summer with a bigger bang, head for “The Waterpark Capital of the World” in the Wisconsin Dells.

 2. Ease into empty nesting.

 Even if they’re attending a state school just up the highway, dropping your freshman off at college will be an emotional experience. But it’s also a major milestone that you and your spouse should celebrate. Not only have you raised a young adult who is ready to take their first steps into the adult world, you’ve also probably helped to provide for some portion of their education with a lot of hard work and diligent financial planning.

 And those are not small accomplishments! If your child is attending your alma mater, treat yourself to a Labor Day weekend in your old stomping grounds ... and maybe check in to make sure they’re doing OK. You could also kick off your life as an empty nester by crossing something big and outdoorsy off your bucket list. Have you always wanted to camp in the Grand Canyon or take a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway? Or perhaps you and your spouse just need a cozy, comfortable spot where you can relax and reflect on this life transition. Take an extra trip to your favorite lakeside cabin or beach bungalow and start planning for the next phase of your lives.

3. Recharge for your year-end sprint.

 Nature can have calming and restorative effects on the mind, body, and soul. Spending a weekend hiking through a National Park, attending a yoga retreat, or hanging out at your favorite fishing hole can give you a chance to unplug from your daily grind, reflect on what’s really important, and focus your attention on what you want to accomplish before the end of the year. You’ll head back home and back to the office with a refreshed perspective and a renewed sense of purpose. You might even bring with you some new daily mindfulness habits that will help you manage your energy and emotions better going forward.

 Did you and your family have a good summer? Did you make the most of your time together? Could you squeeze in one more memorable weekend before everyone returns to their own hustle and bustle? Are you feeling any roadblocks around your money that are preventing you from having more fun with the people who matter the most?

 Let’s discuss what your travel and entertainment budgets look like for the rest of the year and see if we can plot some potential new memories on your $Lifeline.